Welcome to Texas Pioneer Farm Mutual

For over 100 years, we have provided for our members honest, dependable, insurance coverage. We are proud of that heritage. And now we want to be part of your future. Discover Texas Pioneer Farm Mutual, and experience first hand the benefit of neighbors helping neighbors.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In 1911, the descendants of Swedish immigrants living in Round Rock, Texas founded the Goetha Farm Mutual Association of Texas. Their goal was simple: to provide property insurance for the members of their small, rural community. Over 100 years later, the association they founded has grown to become Texas Pioneer Farm Mutual, a recognized insurance leader. With agents located throughout the state, Texas Pioneer continues to serve rural Texans, as well as those living in urban areas. Although we have grown, expanded our coverage, and changed with the times, the concept of our founding fathers has remained the same: neighbors helping neighbors.

Privileges of Membership

When you make us your insurance partner, you gain peace of mind knowing that your home and property are protected and you become part of a caring community as well. Texas Pioneer Farm Mutual is owned by its members. Policy holders automatically become members of the Association, eligible to elect the governing team of Officers and Directors.

Meet our Board of Directors

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