Here is what you can expect after you report a loss:

  1. We will contact you promptly to answer your questions and obtain additional
  2. We will assign an independent adjuster to estimate the loss. The adjuster is not our employee and has no reason to under‐report your claim. We hire top‐quality adjustment firms and expect them to show care and concern for your loss.
  3. The adjuster will call you within 48 hours and make an appointment to review the damage with you.
  4. You should have your roofer or contractor present, if possible.
  5. Please make sure the adjuster sees all of the damage, inside and outside.
  6. The adjuster will submit the estimate to the adjusting firm for verification.
  7. We will receive the report from the adjusting firm within 2 to 3 business days.
  8. We will contact you when the report is received and discuss the details with you.
  9. If you believe the adjuster missed something or that the report is inaccurate in any way, we will work with you for an agreed settlement.
  10. We will advise you if additional information is needed.
  11. If we agree on the settlement and no other information is needed, we will mail you and your lienholder a check for the Estimated Replacement Cost, less depreciation, less deductible. This is the Actual Cash Value payment.
  12. We will enclose the adjuster’s estimates.
  13. Your repair person can begin repairs that are shown on the estimate.
  14. If your repair person does not agree to complete the items for the estimated amount, call us immediately. Do not permit the repairs to continue until we have approved a supplemental payment. We cannot be responsible for repair over‐runs if we were not contacted in advance of the work.
  15. Any upgrades or additional work outside the scope of the claim are not covered.
  16. If your policy covers Replacement Cost, send us the final receipts for the repairs. We will send you a check for the total amount, less checks already sent, less deductible.
  17. Please give us your feedback on the adjuster and on our handling of your claim. We are sincerely interested in your experience and seek opportunities to improve our service.