Here are some tips for protecting your home and valuables from water damage.

  • Do not ignore leaks: Minor leaks can develop into major problems. Act immediately if you notice leaks from dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, garbage disposer, water heater, sink, toilet, air conditioner, or any equipment with a water supply.
  • Water heater: Install an automatic shutoff valve. Regularly inspect your water heater tank and pressure relief valve for leakage. Contact a professional if there are any signs of leakage.
  • Refrigerator, Dishwasher, and Washing Machine: Regularly check hoses for wear. Replace frayed, damaged, or blistered hoses with stainless steel hoses. Use greycolored plastic or copper hoses for refrigerator. Do not run appliances when you are not at home. Install an automatic water shutoff device for washing machine.
  • HVAC: Prevent a clogged drain line by pouring a cup of bleach mixed with water down the air‐conditioner condensate drain to prevent buildup of mold and algae. This should be done at least annually.
  • Broken water pipes: Drain pipes if you will be out‐of‐town. Turn off water at shut‐off valve while faucets are running. Make sure to turn the faucets off after draining. Contact your electric or gas company for instructions on protecting your water heater.
  • General prevention: Know where the water shut‐off valve is located and how to use it. Consider installing an automatic water shut‐off system that senses increased flow.
  • Emergency action: Shut off the water supply that may cause further damage. Call us and call a plumber. Begin immediate procedures to extract water, apply circulation with fans if you can safely use electrical systems, and begin necessary drying process. Do not touch electrical outlets or appliances if damaged by water or if you are standing in water. Remove all furnishings from the affected area. Wet clothing and linens should be cleaned and dried immediately to avoid mildew. We recommend you contact a reputable, professional water extraction service, but please be prepared to pay the costs if this claim is not covered under the policy.