Storm Safety

Here are some tips for protecting your family and home during stormy weather:

    1. Remove overhanging tree branches and weak or dead trees.
    2. Secure lawn furniture and anything that can become a dangerous projectile.
    1. Keep your roof in good condition. Replace loose shingles, patch holes.
    2. Make sure area around pipe jacks, chimneys, etc. is sealed correctly.
    3. Clean gutters and any debris from roof.
    4. Close any openings.
    1. Flood damage is not covered under your Texas Pioneer policy. Check with your agent if you wish to purchase flood coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program.
    2. If you are in danger from a flood, leave when it is advisable to do so.
    3. If time allows, pack a few necessities, such as medication, identification, cell phone, batteries, etc.
    4. If you have time, move possessions up as high as possible inside the dwelling.